Work with Cru

Even after you graduate, there are significant ways for you to invest your life in the Lord’s work around the world and here in the U.S. There are tons of ways to serve with Cru, here are just a few.


Serve for 1-2 years in a Cru internship on a U.S. campus, reaching college students with the gospel, while also receiving great training in campus ministry along the way. This is a great way to discern if full-time staff is right for you, or to prepare yourself for missions in the workplace.

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Serve for 1-2 years as an overseas campus missionary with Cru at one of our many global partnerships. You will learn to love the Lord, love your team, and learn a new culture, while launching a campus movement in your location.

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Full-Time Staff

Are you ready to go all in. Cru full-time staff is an opportunity to live a life fully surrendered as you invest your life in reaching college students around the country. Join one of the biggest missions organizations in the world in the global movement to make Christ known to every tribe, tongue, and nation!

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Part-Time/Student Staff

Want to serve with Cru, but you’re still a student or have another job? This may be the perfect option for you. With levels ranging from 10-30 hours each week, join staff with Cru as you finish your degree or pursue another career. You never know if this might be exactly where the Lord wants you to be!

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Other Opportunities

Not seeing what you are looking for? Cru has a rich diversity of missions opportunities that span far beyond its college campus roots.

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