Being part of Cru at University of Louisville connects you with the vast network of Cru partnerships around the world and right here in the United States. Our specific Louisville Cru partnership is with Cyprus! We are so excited for what the Lord is doing there and are committed to sending students to proclaim the gospel in this beautiful Mediterranean country!

On top of that, Cru is one of the biggest missions organization in the world, with hundreds of global partnerships and movements in over 180 countries! There is an opportunity for everyone to go! Will you go where the Lord calls you?

Our Global Partnership


Reach out to Cypriot students who are very open to conversation, but are far from the Gospel! Our goal is to launch movements in various relational pockets on campus as well as train and disciple the Christian Cypriot students.

Come with us to see more students be won, built and sent to reach their country for Christ! In the process you will learn greater skills in personal evangelism (especially with friends) and discipleship of new believers to take back to your campus in the United States.

The university students of Cyprus are extremely relational. Much time is spent cultivating relationships and building friendships to open doors to the gospel. Most students are raised Greek Orthodox, but very few are practicing. As a result many students “believe” in God, they know of Him, but most have not heard about a relationship with Him.

U.S. Partnerships

God designed you to make a difference in the world.

Whether it’s a prayer walk on a college campus, a conversation about Jesus in a coffee shop or a night of worship on a sandy beach, a Stateside Summer Mission with Cru is your opportunity to make your summer extraordinary, while also working to change the lives of others for eternity!

Cru Summer Missions Website